Property management for rent

Welcome to HouseZone, instead of paying the real astate agents, renovating what is not needed, closing a deal with the wrong people, wasting a lot of time and paying for a lawyer. With HouseZone the property goes into continuous management that eliminates any preoccupaion with it, maintenance losses and tenants rent gaps. The HouseZone method reduces More than 10% expenses per annum on average for the owner of the property, and for the tenants, the burden of dealing with private owners who do not know how to manage property in a professional and efficient manner.

Housezone manages the apartment in every way both for the owner of the apartment and for the tenant.The fact that HouseZone is always directly in front of both of them makes it almost impossible for a problem to arise, and any disputes comes to a reasonable solution, quickly and without unnecessary inconveniences to both sides.

From now on we leave it to the experts to management the apartment:

  • Legal accompaniment with a close attorney at every stage, from drafting the contract to finding out how to deal with a problematic tenant - you can be calm and enjoy the fruits of the investment apartment
  • The best professionals in their field
  • Coordination and management of entry and exit of tenants on time always, so that there will be gaps between tenant and tenant, so that the apartment will be leased maximum possible time
  • Tenants tracking for transfers approval of water, municipal taxes, electricity, etc...
  • Regular reports. a periodic report on the apartment's balance sheet, and a final report on each Service call

House Zone proves time and time again that everyone earns, by strict tight management and with a high quality service, Customers get the best results, at the best price.