Every 3 years on average tenants move out. Each tenant replacement costs about NIS 10,000, wich is an average of NIS 3,000 per year, almost one monthly rent!

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HouseZone is a solution for rental and management of private properties, which makes it easier for home owners and tenants alike, as one solution and in one space. Your property is maintained at a higher level, with a continuous rental (no gap between tenants), all its needs met with much less money, time, and most importantly without the familiar frustration.

HouseZone has a large pool of tenants, professionals and management teams in a unique activity space that binds all the marketing, legal and professional together in one place and in the most lucrative way ever.

With HouseZone you have For the first time the option of becoming an owner of an asset with a very small budget and invest in real estate through an innovative platform.

HouseZone is an initiative of its owners Hagai Polishuk, Ilan Ifrah and Amir Amitzur. Hagai is one of the owners of Afik, the largest company in Israel for managing elevators and has 20 years of experience in managing and upgradוng apartments. Ilan, has a master's degree in management and logistics. a former senior manager in asset management companies with a total area of 200,000 square meters, and a responsibility for promoting electricity projects, mergers and construction. Amir is a specialist in residential real estate and accompaniment to Tama 38 and construction/evacuation (Pinoy-Binoy) for the largest contracting companies in Israel.

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